Thursday, July 30, 2015

5 tips that will help you become a better writer

If I was a perfect writer, I wouldn't be blogging. I blog so that I become a better writer, I read blogs so that I become a better writer. I read anything from tips for writing to how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookies. So, here are some things I have learned, some of them the easy way, some of them the hard way. Either way, they have improved my writing greatly.
1. Read
How are you supposed to become a better writer if you don't read? Read books, newspapers, blogs, rough drafts, final copies, book reviews, product reviews, magazines, and any other thing you can think of. Notice what they do well, notice the difference between a magazine article and a newspaper article. Is there even a difference? How are they like a book? Look up words you don't know. Compare the way authors write. Take the time to read and learn new words and new strategies.
2. Watch people
Go to the mall, the park, a restaurant, or even stay home and watch television. Watch the way people react to other people. What signs do they give if they don't like someone? How do they talk to someone they love? Watch their hand motions and facial expressions. Make up background stories for them, where do they work? Are they single? Have they ever committed a crime? Why are they where they are? Are they a cat person or a dog person? Be creative!
3. Edit
Read other pieces of writing with a red pen and a highlighter and mark it up! Look up editing on the internet and learn how to edit your own writing. Offer to proofread your friends writing. A piece of writing doesn't need to be done for you to edit it. Don't be kind about it, by being a little strict, you're making yourself and the other person a better writer.
4. Write
I know this one is obvious but it's still a good reminder. You don't have to write stories. Write letters to the newspaper responding to articles, blog, or journal. You don't have to write every day, but set a goal for yourself of how many times to write each week. Write poems or write down your dreams right when you wake up. Just write!
5. Research
So you want to write a story set in Virginia 2010? Research it! What went on in Virginia in 2010? What was the weather like? Was there any major catastrophes? What was happening in the whole world during 2010? Find out facts about the setting and objects you want to use in your story. You don't have to use every detail you find, but it will help you dive into your story more if you know what you are writing about well.

These tips can only get you so far, remember to have other people read and edit your work and it never hurts to read articles or take classes on writing. No one becomes a wonderful writer overnight, don't expect to. It takes a lot, just like anything else in life.

Happy writing!!

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