Monday, August 17, 2015

5 apps every writer should have

In this day and age, our cellphones are constantly at our sides. We do almost everything on them, including work, school, and games, but do we use them to help us write?

To be honest I'm very old fashioned in my writing. I like to have a lined notebook and a pencil. I edit with a regular, outdated red pen, and I read books with actual paper pages (gasp!) But even though I like to use those things, my phone can still help me write by providing prompts, other writing pieces, and even an app so I can blog (thank goodness).

1. Wattpad- free!
Wattpad is a great place to discover young writers you like and to get discovered yourself. You can publish books that you write and have people comment what they think and what edits they make. You can read other's works and comment thoughts on them. It will make you a better writer and a better editor. Reading other's comments have showed me some things that I missed when I was reading it.

2. Pinterest- free!
What better way to get writing prompts, diy journal ideas, and book reviews than on this huge idea server? Pinterest is my #1 app on my phone. All of my friends and family insist I'm addicted, I'd have to say I agree with them. Pinterest has tons of articles about writing, tips, prompts, and fandom type things (the ultimate app right?!).

3. GoodReads- free! (Not pictured)
GoodReads is a wonderful place to get with other readers and talk books. You can write book reviews and rate books you have read, and have a list of to-read books. Follow your favorite authors and see what they are reading (told you great writers read)

4. Writing prompts- free!
Need a quick write? Need something for your character to do? Use this app! There are over 100 prompts to choose from and if you don't like it, go to the next one.

5. Amazon Kindle/NOOK- free!
Again I say, good writers read. What better way to read than everywhere? If you have one of these apps you can read anywhere at anytime! Heaven right?! There are free books and ones you have to pay for. Amazon kindle is from Amazon (duh) NOOK is from Barnes and Noble so if you get gift cards to eitherof those places you can use them on your phone for e-books.

Bonus! Instagram (not pictured) is a great place to get writing prompts, inspiration, and quotes!

I know there are some other great apps out there for writers, but in my opinion, these are the best. I don't spend money on apps, so these are all free and ready to use as soon as you set up an account! Be sure to search me at thesierraspot on the social networking apps.

Happy writing!

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